Regular membership is open to all sports car enthusiasts, but all applications for membership must be approved by the Board of Directors after a six-month probationary period. Amado Castro, a co-founder of MSCC, likes to say that at MSCC the member is the sports car, and to some extent that is true. An applicant must have a sports car in good condition or in the course of earnest restoration. If a member sells his sports car, he is given six-months to acquire another before his name is dropped from the rolls.

MSCC has honorary members and regular members.

Carroll and Cleo Shelby, Phil and Alma Hill at the MacArthur Suite, Manila Hotel At the back, left to right: Vic Yenko, Andy Sta.Maria, Felice Sta.Maria, Ramon Torres, Nene Syquia, Mike Aguilar.

Honorary membership is granted by the Club's board to individuals in recognition of their support of MSCC's efforts to preserve vintage sports cars. Honorary Members include
Phil Hill and Carroll Shelby (who visited the Club in 1998), Toshiaki Ando (the former Editor-in-Chief of the Japanese Car Magazine), and the late Conrado "Dodo" Ayuyao, a racer and past president of the Philippine Motor Association.

What is a sports car?  If a car is in the "List" - MSCC's listing of sports car. If it isn't, one has to ask the MSCC Board for a decision.

The annual membership fee is P2,500.